Tuesday, 9 September 2008

A big thank you

Thanks to all who came to the "Crossing the chasm, offering sceptics a helping hand across the digital divide" workshop today. There was a really high level of energy in the contributions, and I am very excited at the prospect of uploading the images of the creative poster created by y'all.


Dave Shearan said...

Thank you Asher and Sue. What a great session that was. I really liked the Cube. What I'm taking away with me is the idea that it's not enough to just position your course but instead set out from a design point of view to position it.

SueG said...

great Dave, thanks for posting. Just think of all that space in the cube we could explore?
If you come across any great ways to enthuse others, please let us know.

my email is slg@brighton.ac.uk